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A three pole version of the standard SB ® 175 housing has a two piece housing with springs and hardware. Useful for DC 2 wire plus ground and AC single phase applications. The 3 pole SB ® 175 adds an additional position for power or grounding. Reviews SB175 3 Pole Housings & Hardware Price Value Quality Nickname Summary Review Submit Review The New KickAss Three-pin Anderson Style Connector takes hassle out of connecting your DC-DC Charger. Run your positive alternator, negative ground and ignition wires together in a single connector. They are fully insulated, rated to 50amps and made from strong pollycarbon.

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OEX 3 Pole Anderson Connector 175A - Pack of 2 The OEX ACX2781 genuine Anderson 175Amp connector is a three pole version of the standard ACX2762 two pole 175A Anderson connector. The 3 pole version adds an additional position for power or grounding, and is useful for DC 2 wire plus ground. Anderson Powerpole 15/30/45 ampere housings and contacts (front view) Type Electrical connector The Anderson Powerpoleis a family of electrical connectors by Anderson Power Products (APP),[1]although plug compatibleconnectors are now available from alternate sources.

28V DC 3 Pole with 2 to 3 wire configurations Excellent resistance to moisture/chemicals and sever wear and tear Silver-plated over machined copper contacts Lugs may be crimped or soldered to cables R64 / R68 Catalog Sheet Category: DC Attachable Plugs Description Description For a given current rating of Anderson PowerPole Connector and SB series housing, there are at least three contact sizes to suit a range of wire sizes for plug sockets. Anderson contacts are designed around the American Wire Gauge standard as opposed to a specific Australian wire gauge chart.

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PP180 are the largest of the Powerpole series housings. They are designed to accommodate up to 3/0 (70 mm²) wires and handle high currents up to 350 amps. Busbar contacts are also available for power inputs and takeoffs. Color-coded housings minimize user confusion and the potential of cross mating circuits. Anderson plugs are a solid and simple electrical connector that give you a solid connection for your outdoor electrical connection needs.

The Anderson Powerpole Connector facilitates a quick, easy and secure electrical connection. The connectors are moulded with dovetails so that the housings can be interlocked to form multiple connections. The housings can be interlocked as many times as needed and different colour Andersen housings can be utilised. The power connectors are compatible with conventional 2 pin Anderson plugs. 3 pin Anderson . sharkcaver Well-Known Member. Nov 17, 2021. no modifications required and compatible with standard two pole Anderson plugs. There's a real attraction to being able to provide an ignition sense feed along with the power connector, in one plug and one.

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☀【HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL】Anderson Power pole Connector 45amp Cable Length:3m/10ft. 14AWG Cord More Length will be available in the Next Future. ☀【NEW ENERGY PARTNER】This Cable Will Ensure that You Can Get Your Solar Energy Back into Your Generator, Wherever the Sun is Shining. Flexible, Easy to carry 30 Amp Permanently Bonded Red/Black Anderson Powerpole Connectors 1 As Low As $16.99 45 Amp Permanently Bonded Red/Black Anderson Powerpole Connectors 3 As Low As $24.99 PowerpoleBag, the best Powerpole crimping tool and assorted Powerpole case in a custom nylon gear bag 8 $99.99 SKU: PowerpoleBag

Buy from our huge range of DC power connectors including genuine Anderson plugs, car accessory (cigarette lighter) sockets, coaxial DC jacks, Deutsch multipole, RC battery plugs and more.. 50A 600V Grey 3 Pole DC Anderson Style Power Plug. $10.95 /ea. ea $10.95; 4+ $9.85; 10+ $8.75; per ea Northbridge,WA; Balcatta,WA; Cannington,WA; Midland. Trailer Vision TV-A-201426-50 50 Amp Anderson Plug Housing (plug not included) $23.50. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. 175A Genuine Anderson Plug . Special Price $25.74 Regular Price $29.25. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Anderson High Current Grey 350A Connector with 50mm2 Terminals.

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Anderson Plug SB350™ Contact Only - 3/0 AWG (each) Model: 916 Weight: 0.06kgs Price: $26.15 Buy Now :. Anderson Powerpole™ 15/45 2 & 4 Pole Mounting Clamp Set Model: 1462G1 Weight: 0.003kgs Price: $2.95 Buy Now : Anderson Powerpole™ 15, 30, 45 Mounting Clamp Set - 2 and 4 Pole. Supplied as a set of 2 pieces. Put simply, an Anderson plug is a specialised plug we use to connect devices that use high-current circuits. Sizes & Colours. Anderson plugs come in a range of sizes and colours, the most common being the grey and the red 50-amp ones. You can get up to a 350-amp. The bigger the current, the bigger the Anderson plug we need.