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Drywall is certainly a very good option for finishing your garage ceiling. Drywall complies with the International Residential Code. Drywall is cheap, easy to install and aesthetically pleasing, especially after painting. To be fair, there are a few other options for your garage ceiling which include: Plywood OSB MDF PVC Panels Metal panels When installing drywall on a garage ceiling the same procedures used to hang it from any other ceiling apply. Aside from determining the number of sheets you will need, making any necessary cuts, compensating for fixtures, and actually hanging it, you have to be careful not to disrupt any electrical wiring.

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Just set the drywall on the lift, crank it up, and jockey it into position. Drywall is the easiest and most economical covering for your garage ceiling. Use 5/8-in.-thick drywall if your trusses or rafters are spaced 24 in. apart. We'll show you a few tips to simplify drywall installation. What Type of Drywall Do You Use in a Garage? According to the ICC Building Codes (2018), you need at least 1/2-inch drywall on walls between the garage from any living spaces. On the ceiling, you need at least 5/8 inch drywall if there is living space above the garage. Table R302.6 ICC Codes ( 2018)

So, what drywall to use in a garage? You can use regular ½-inch thick drywall for your garage. If you have an attached garage, you have to follow the local codes. Use 5/8-inch X-rated drywall on the ceiling for better safety and soundproofing. Buy the standard 4 by 8 foot sheets. 141K views 7 years ago http://www.homebuildingandrepairs.com. Click on this link for more videos on garage remodeling, building design and drywall. This is the first video in a series you.

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4 x 10-Foot Drywall: Provides a smoother surface on tall walls and expansive ceilings. 4 x 12-Foot Drywall: The longest length available. Ideal for great rooms and areas with high ceilings. It covers more area in fewer panels. Tip: Small and medium construction projects are ideal for 4 x 8-foot standard drywall. Installing drywall in a garage usually costs about $0.50 per square foot for materials alone, with an average cost hovering around $300-$400. With tools, you can expect to add a few more hundred dollars to that total. Expect the price to double if hiring a contractor. Recommended Reading: Why Are Rats In My Garage? By Paul drywall, Garage

Use fire-resistant drywall for garage ceilings. They have an additional layer of glass fibers which helps to partially insulate the garage ceiling and also increases the safety of your garage by keeping the fire and smoke inside. Conclusion Garage ceilings are as important as garage walls. The relevant IRC code for drywall in a garage is summarized as under: Separation from the residence and attics: Not less than ½-inch gypsum board or equivalent applied to the garage side Separation from all habitable rooms above the garage: Not less than 5⁄8 -inch Type X gypsum board or equivalent

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Type X gypsum board for garage ceilings beneath habitable rooms shall be installed perpendicular to the ceiling framing and shall be fastened at maximum 6 inches o.c. by minimum 17/8 inches 6d coated nails or equivalent drywall screws. Step 1: Measure the Dimensions Take all of the measurements before you begin hanging the drywall. Calculate how many full sheets you can hang as well as any special cuts you need to make. If need be, make a rough sketch on paper of the garage ceiling, incorporating your measurements. This will provide a blueprint for the work.

Hanging drywall is hard work, in large part because it is heavy! A sheet of regular 1/2-in. drywall thickness weights about 60 pounds. The new lightweight drywall weighs about 41 pounds. A drywall hanger can hang an average of 60 4×8 sheets a day. If the hanger is installing regular drywall, that adds up to about nine tons a week. Purple is the best option to use if your drywall is going to be in contact with water. Depending on which type of purple drywall you choose, a 4- by 8-foot panel typically costs between $15 and $60 (high-impact and sound-breaking options are available). 1. 06 of 07.

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The average cost to drywall a garage is $800 to $5,000, depending on the size and the finish level. Garage drywall installation costs $1.50 to $3.50 per square foot of wall or ceiling surface. The cost to insulate and drywall a 2-car garage is $1,800 to $9,000. Cost to drywall a garage - chart *Total cost installed for both walls and ceiling EASIEST WAY to Drywall Finish a Ceiling for Beginners! Paul Peck DrywallTube 271K subscribers 1.6K 155K views 2 years ago Doing a new drywall ceiling by myself! Easiest way to drywall finish.