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family 1 n (gen) famiglia the Cooke family la famiglia Cooke it runs in the family è di famiglia she's quite one of the family è come se facesse parte della famiglia 2 adj (jewels, life, business) di famiglia, familiare family allowance n (Brit, old) assegni mpl familiari family butcher n macellaio di quartiere But for your purpose, the phrases you have given by example, own a strong effect in Italian too, so I can translate them for you: 1. La famiglia è per sempre. 2. Non scordarti mai della famiglia. Hope this can help. Bye. J Josseppe Senior Member Florida American English Aug 27, 2008 #3 I think it would be something as simple as:

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Translate family is forever in Italian with examples Results for family is forever translation from English to Italian API call Human contributions From professional translators, enterprises, web pages and freely available translation repositories. Add a translation English Italian Info it is forever. quello ancora non c'è. What is the Latin translation of family is forever? Familia est aeterna. What is the Italian translation of the English word 'forever'? Per sempre is an Italian equivalent of the English.

Translation of "family is forever" in Italian famiglia è per sempre Because family is forever, Frank! Perché la famiglia è per sempre, Frank! Mum, Dad, love, hate, family is forever, stay true, the twelve signs of the zodiac. and many more words and phrases. Translation of "family forever" in Italian famiglia per sempre famiglia da sempre famiglia eterna casa per sempre famiglia, per sempre I hope you'll be friend of our family forever. Spero che sarete amico della nostra famiglia per sempre. Dobby is bound to serve one family forever. Dobby è costretto a servire una famiglia per sempre.

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See answer (1) Best Answer Copy 'Famiglia per sempre' is an Italian equivalent of 'Family forever'. The word 'famiglia' is a feminine noun whose definite article is 'la' ['the'] and whose. Famiglia per sempre or per sempre famiglia means WE'll always be together as a family, We'll be a family forever… Hope I helped!. Source(s):Native Italian Speaker. "La famiglia per sempre" is better. I mean, it's not wrong saying "Famiglia per sempre", but "La famiglia per sempre" is more correct! I hope I helped you! Hi! Source(s):I'm italian!

Famiglia is the translation of family in Italian. /fa·mì·glia/ It is a feminine noun that takes the following definite and indefinite articles: la famiglia una famiglia le famiglie delle famiglie The most important members of any family include: madre / mamma = mom padre / papà = dad genitori = parents fratello = brother sorella = sister family noun, adjective famiglia, familiare, casa, gruppo, casato is verb è See Also in Italian tutto noun, adjective all, everything, whole, any, anything è verb is famiglia noun family, household, house, home, people la abbreviation, noun, pronoun, article there, the, la, it, her Nearby Translations family home family history family feud

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Here's a list of translations. Italian Translation per sempre More Italian words for forever sempre adverb always, ever, still, all the time, evermore per sempre adverb forever in eterno forever Find more words! forever See Also in English forever and ever per sempre lasting forever dura per sempre forever yours per sempre vostri for ever Famiglia "family" is at the heart of an Italian's life. Family members share common interests, common ways of life, and common values. Italians have a strong sense of loyalty to one another, and the family unit is often the only social unit that is considered to be complete and forever.

Family is forever in Italian Answer 5 San Saba Archimandrite who is perhaps among the outstanding figures of the Oriente monachesimo. Born in Cappadocia around twelve months 439, at the age of 18 I made a pilgrimage to Gerusalemme os, where Eutimio showed a representative in Monaco. Jul 5, 2013 - My first tattoo "family is forever" in Italian. Jul 5, 2013 - My first tattoo "family is forever" in Italian. Jul 5, 2013 - My first tattoo "family is forever" in Italian. Pinterest. Today. Watch. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by.

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31 Cultural Italian Tattoos. August 5, 2013. 2. 10531. Italians are a very vibrant lot and they love to do things in style. The Italian horn, the green white and red Italian flag, and the Italian traditions are all proof to the colorful lifestyle of this fantastic plate placed in the Western part of the world. Much like its people, Italian food. Short-but-sweet romantic Italian phrases "Forever yours" in Italian "Together forever" in Italian Per sempre insieme "Crazy for you" in Italian "You're beautiful" in Italian "My beloved" in Italian Advanced Italian romantic phrases "You are always in my heart" in Italian Sei sempre nel mio cuore "We're made for each other" in Italian