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1975 Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2 LHD - For Sale. £76,800. 365GT4 2 + 2 with the powerful and trouble-free 4.4 ltr Columbo engine. Matching original car and engine numbers! Upgraded interior and other specifications from 365 to 400 in Maranello. First 4 camshaft engine on the market. The epitome of the glorious era when customers could access the latest racing equipment, this 375 MM boasted the huge new 4.5L Lampredi V-12 inspired by the large capacity GP engine and that used in the 375 America. Of 30 375 MM produced (26 plus 4 converted 340 MM), nearly all were clothed by Pinin Farina, this being only the second Spider built.

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See Ferrari 375 F1 for the 375 used in Formula 1 racing, and 375 America, a GT car. The Ferrari 375 MM, was a sports racing car produced by Ferrari in 1953 up to 1955 for the road cars. It was named "375" for the unitary displacement of one cylinder in the 4.5 L V12 engine, and the "MM" stood for the Mille Miglia race. In total 26 units were made, including four converted from the 340 MM. A Bespoke 375 MM. During the 1953 season, Kimberly's 4.1 Vignale Spider was quite competitive, even finishing 3rd in championship points, but the car's brakes sometimes faded from overheating, which prevented the driver from truly taking advantage of the 340's raw power and torque. As a preferred Ferrari customer, Kimberly had an open.

Since only 26 examples of the Ferrari 375 MM ever left the factory back in the 1950s, these cars rarely trade hands. However, RM Sotheby's sold a Spider variant for $9 million back in 2013. Given the current appreciation trend we've seen in vintage cars, this missing Ferrari is an undiscovered barn find that could easily be worth well over $10 million. The only 375MM Spider with unique pontoon-fenders, liveried in unique "Kimberly Red". 1953 Ferrari 375 MM Spider 0362AM/0374AM - did not sell for €2,900,000 The second of only 15 Ferrari 375 MM spiders bodied by Pinin Farina. Winner of two national championships in Argentina in 1954-55. 18 podium finishes, including 11 wins, between.

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Der Ferrari 375MM (MM = Mille Miglia) war ein Rennsportwagen, der bei der Scuderia Ferrari entwickelt und von 1953 bis 1964 bei Sportwagenrennen eingesetzt wurde.. Gleichzeitig wurde die Zylinderbohrung auf 84 mm vergrößert, sodass der Hubraum 4523 cm³ betrug. Die Typbezeichnung 375 nennt abgerundet den Hubraum der einzelnen Zylinder. Der. Ferrari 375 MM Pinin Farina Berlinetta s/n 0358AM. Ferrari 375 MM PF Spyder s/n 0360AM. Ferrari 375 MM PF Spyder s/n 0362AM. 1957 modified with fiberglass body, Maserati 4.2-litre V8 engine installed, 1986-2012 completely restored back to original configuration. Ferrari 375 MM Pinin Farina Spyder s/n 0364AM.

Prices converted are approximately: $210.16. €229.94. A$313.33. ¥28314. Note: All purchases are billed in UK Pounds Sterling - other currencies shown are for guidance only. Available to order. Delivery can be very slow as models made to order. Price on shipping may vary by +/- 10%. (340 MM with 375 engine) 3 portholes, cutaway in rear fenders, open headlights. Grosser Preis von Deutschland: Mike Hawthorn #26: 53/aug/09 : dnf transmission:. FMT p58 FEO p346 Émotion Ferrari p95 Falb1 p10 (engine + car) p67 "Prova MO 49" - red with white marking over the nose : 53 - Franco Cornacchia, Milano, I - Scuderia Guastalla.

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10.1953 Ferrari 375 MM Chassis 'MM 0370AM'. Gavin had replaced his Grand Prix Ferrari 375 F1 with this car which had won the Buenos Aires 1000km in 1954 when driven by Umberto Maglioli and Giuseppe Farina. The fabulous Pininfarina body on it was draped over a bellowing 4.5l, 12-cylinder engine, matched to a close ratio gear box.. 375. MM. The 375 Mille Miglia carried on the Ferrari tradition of naming sports models after the famous Italian road race and was a spin-off of the F1 single-seater, just like its sister car, the 375 America, which was the GT equivalent. The engine was based on its F1 counterpart, albeit with a new crankshaft giving a shorter, 68 mm stroke but.

Discover the Ferrari 375 MM, the sport prototype launched in 1953 powered by an engine of 4522.68 cc: the history of Ferrari's Garage. Auto; Racing; Collections; Universe; Corporate; Share. 1947 FIRST VICTORY. 375 America 500 Mondial 375 MM 340 MM 250 MM 553 F2 625 TF 250 Europa 735 S. 1954. Ferrari achieved the 4.5-litre goal of the formula with the 375 F1, two of which debuted at Monza on September 3, 1950. This 4.5-litre (4493.73 cc/274 in³) engine produced roughly the same power as its 4.1-litre predecessor, but its tractability earned Ascari second place in that debut race. A series of modifications through the 1951 season.

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The 375 MM was a sports racing car by Ferrari, and only 26 units were built. via: Flickr. Following the success of the 340 America and its Mille Miglia victory, Ferrari released the 375 MM in 1953 as their most powerful model. These large-displacement race cars were created to compete against the best Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Cunningham, and Jaguar. The Ferrari 375 Plus retained the same wheelbase as the Ferrari 375 MM - at 102.4 inches, but the chassis was the new type 505. This new chassis was made out of steel tubes, and was elliptical in section. The makers retained the same front suspension as its predecessors. The rear suspension came with a new de Dion axle, twin radius arms (with.