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You can treat small pest problems on some orchids by dabbing the pests with a cotton swab that's been dipped in rubbing alcohol. For larger infestations, you can wash the plants with water or use a horticultural oil or soap spray that's safe for use on orchids. You may need to repeat this process to get the pests in check. Florida is a good place to grow orchids. They can grow year-round outside, in Central and South Florida, as long as they're in the proper lighting. No orchid, or very few, wants full sun..

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How do you take care of native orchids? When it comes to Florida's native tropical orchids, select the right tree and the right conditions for the species. Identify the species you're dealing with to know whether it's shade-loving, partial shade, or full sun. The Best Orchid Care to Keep These Beautiful Plants Thriving Our guide to indoor orchid care covers watering, potting, and more. Keep orchids healthy and growing for gorgeous flowers to enjoy for years to come. Our guide to indoor orchid care covers watering, potting, and more.

Temperature and Light: Bright, indirect light is ideal for most orchid plant care. Southern and eastern exposure is optimal, as well as shady western light. Consequently, never place your Phalaenopsis orchid in full sun. The foliage is always the best indicator of what your plant needs. Ideally, you want to see firm, light to medium green leaves. In general: Most orchids require at least some air circulation around their roots yet are intolerant of excessive moisture at the roots. Fertilizer Fertilize regularly, at a low dosage of approximately one-half strength, with a fertilizer appropriate to the potting mix in which the plants are grown. A Selection of Plants

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Caring for your beloved orchids can be either a confusing or rewarding experience. Each type of orchid has it's own requirements for care. One of the best sources for orchid care information is the American Orchid Society.They have culture sheets for all types of orchids. Avoid overwatering which leads to the demise of many more orchids than underwatering. Constant wetness will cause the roots to rot, which leaves the plant without a means for taking up nourishment which then causes the leaves to droop and will eventually kill the plant. read more.

Florida's ghost orchid (Dendrophylax lindenii) is famous, known to plant lovers and book lovers alike.The Orchid Thief, written by Susan Orlean, and film adaptation were inspired by the enthusiasts that hunt for this rare flower.Seminole Indians took notice of the orchid, too. They used the fibrous, inner core of the root as thread. Ghost orchids are epiphytes, leafless, and generally produce. To produce flowers, these orchids need lots of light, although low light conditions are fine with them. They also like warm temperatures. If your orchid has spotted markings, keep the temperature between 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (16 to 27 degrees Celsius).

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For now, remember that orchids are prone to sunburn and leaf damage if exposed to direct sunlight. Ideally, you should place your orchids under trees where sunlight can filter through the tree's leaves. Place your orchids in a location that is not overly shaded. This way, your orchid can still receive adequate lighting . Some top tips on caring for Vanda orchids include: hanging them correctly, frequent watering in warm weather, using root cuttings to propagate, using 20-20-20 fertilizer, using the right soil, potting, and repotting carefully and only when necessary, and keeping humidity and temperature correct.

Reed orchids need well-drained soil mixes. Fir bark and perlite mixtures work well as a potting mix for containers, while in-ground reed orchids do fine in just plain sandy potting soil. Use reed orchids as informal accent plantings near entries, as a border around a porch, or along a walkway. Pick up an extra bottle of cinnamon in the spice section of your local grocery store and keep it near the orchids. If you cut on a plant, lightly sprinkle it with cinnamon because it is an effective bactericide/fungicide and it's safe to use. Spray with Physan mixed at 1 Tablespoon/gallon if infection sets in.

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Plant orchid tree in loamy, neutral soil that drains well. When planted in alkaline soil, the leaves turn yellow. Water Orchid tree thrives in the heat and humidity of our tropical south. Put your orchid tree on a moderate, but regular watering schedule and make sure the soil drains well. Central Florida Gardening - Orchids at Home - YouTube 0:00 / 5:32 • Central Florida Gardening - Orchids at Home IFASCDistrict 2.71K subscribers Subscribe 64 Share Save 7K views 10 years ago.