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LORO-X steel discharge DN 40 -DN 200 for shipbuilding and offshore engineering - deck and bulkhead penetrations - pipes - branches - bends / angle bends - traps - cleaning pipes - accessories as Pipe clips, sealing elements, lubricant, set screws -. Artikel: 00100.040X - LORO-X PIPE WITH 2 SOCKET 3000 MM DN 40. LORO-X pipe, made of steel, hot-dip galvanized, in accordance with DIN EN 1123 with raised quality standard with 2-chamber push-fit socket connection, building material class A1, dimensionally stable, break-proof, backflow-safe, long-life inside coating according to DIN EN ISO 2178.

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LORO-X steel discharge pipes DN 32-300, pressure-resistant, shock resistant, backflow safe, fire protection class A1, UV resistant, heat- and frost resistant. • DN 40 - DN 150 LORO-X rainwater standpipes and downpipes LORO-X compound pipes LORO-XCL stainless steel discharge pipes Description Standard version SILENT LORO-X Filling and ventilating pipes, DN 40 - DN 50 General technical approval no. Z-38.4-194 1. Assembling the LORO-X slip-in socket joint In accordance with AbZ-38.4-194 point II 2.1, the. LORO-X filling and ventilation pipes made of hot-dip galvanized steel are approved under the national

[Translate to EN:] LORO-X Doppelmuffe, aus Stahl, feuerverzinkt, nach DIN EN 1123, mit erhöhtem Qualitätsstandard gemäß RAL-Gütezeichen GZ-694, mit 2-Kammern-Steckmuffenverbindung, für Füll- und Entlüftungsleitungen, Baustoffklasse A1, formstabil, bruchfest, rückstausicher, ohne Innenbeschichtung, the LORO-X. LORO-X Muffe LORO-X socket DN 40 - DN 200 LORO-X Dichtelement LORO-X sealing element DN 40 - DN 200 LORO-XVACDichtelement LORO-XVAC sealing element DN 40, DN50 und DN 70 Die LORO-X Muffe Die LORO-X Muffe ist eine Zweistufen-steckmuffe. Die obere Muffenkammer nimmt das Dichtelement auf. Das zentrierende Unterteil schützt die

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LORO offers reliable solutions. LORO-X Steel discharge pipes DN 40 - DN 300, galvanized, with additional inner coating, are increasingly used for the rainwater drainage in car parks and parking garages due to the advantageous material features of steel. - Steel neither breaks nor burns - LORO-X steel discharge pipes are also perfect LORO-XCL slip in socket joint for all nominal bores exceed the requirements of EN 476 (internal and external gauge pressure 0 - 0.5 bar). For higher pressures, the socket joint can be anchored against axial force using the LORO-XCL anchor clip, No. 806C DN 40 - DN 125. Supervision LORO-XCL steel pipes are manufactured in accordance with

Incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs. In Stock delivery time: 1-3 working days. Shipping Cost Points: 0. Add to Wishlist. Add to Cart. Loro Loro -x steel drain pipe 00120.050X 1000mm, DN 50, 2 sleeves, hot-dip galvanized, inner coating. €27.66. instead of. €40.61. The Lutheran and Protestant Reformed communities originally shared a cemetery on Mylna Street in Warsaw, Poland. It then moved to a well-maintained cemetery where their burial grounds are separated by.

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