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Steelcase Series 1 and Steelcase Amia are one of the most popular chairs from Steelcase. I will be checking on various features to compare and contrast the two chairs that can better your working habits in the office. Pricing and design differentiate the two Steelcase chairs. The main differences between Steelcase series 1 and Amia are in the design and pricing. Steelcase Amia has an overall better design and features. However, the pricing of the series 1 is cheaper and more competitive than the Amia chair.

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The Steelcase Series 1 chair is equipped with ergonomic features that include four-way/4D adjustable armrests, which are similar to those found on the Steelcase Amia and Leap chairs. Additionally, it offers seat height and depth adjustment to help you achieve a personalized seating position. Steelcase Series 1 vs Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 3 5 r/OfficeChairs Join • 1 yr. ago Steelcase Gesture vs Secretlab Titan 5 17 r/OfficeChairs Join • 5 days ago Deep cleaned my second-hand Steelcase Amia. Bissell SpotClean ProHeat + OxiClean. Went at it for almost 2 hours, so worth it. Now it has the new chair smell! 1 / 6 96 33 r/OfficeChairs Join

Amia is a workhorse - not really comparable to Series 1 or Leap, but closer to Leap in terms of durability and comfort. It does not have the LiveBack of Leap which would be a major difference. $175 is a great price for the Amia if in a good condition. - Thomas - Blue Box Cron414 • 2 yr. ago Appreciate the feedback! ClassroomDecorum • 2 yr. ago The Steelcase Amia chair is probably the closest in comfort to the Leap v2, and is a great option for an office chair starting around $800. A BTOD favorite, the Amia ( $503.99 refurbished at has a backrest with live lumbar support that looks simple from the outside but is very robust internally.

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The Steelcase Amia sells from around $820 to the high $1643s depending on how you configure the chair. In our office, we have an Amia with the fully adjustable arm package, adjustable lumbar support, basic black fabric, and a basic frame, which costs about $899 from the Steelcase store. ( Buy on Amazon) ( Buy Refurbished on BTOD) I realize the latter is a newer chair so there's not a huge amount of feedback but it sounds like the Amia doesn't have quite as much back support as the Leap V2, which is what everyone talks about when Steelcase comes up. I'm also trying to decide whether the taller stool would be a better choice, whichever I choose.

The Amia is only capable of locking in the fully upright position and the Leap has five different tilt limiter positions available. Another big difference is the lumbar depth adjustment upgrade available from the Leap that isn't available for the Amia. Lastly, the Leap has a headrest option that you can add on. The main difference is the recline, really. The Think and Leap open up a fair bit more than the Amia. The Amia is a #stupid heavy chair. I think it might even be heavier than the Leap, and the Leap is a big boy chair. Might matter if you have to drag it upstairs, or you move often. The Think is a feather by comparison.

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Steelcase Amia is the most overlooked chair by Steelcase due to the popularity of its high-end chairs such as Steelcase leap, and gesture. But to your surprise, it also comes with many of the features that you could find only in premium chairs, even for the lower price tag. Amia Air offers a fresh take on our hardworking, versatile Amia task chair. A specially engineered geometric design in the backrest offers flexibility - encouraging healthy movement and providing support for posture changes. With integrated Air LiveBack™ technology and a breathable, transparent aesthetic, Amia Air is ideal for busy people.

Steelcase Series 1 with CarbonNeutral® product certification. Steelcase Series 1 - made even more sustainable. Emissions are 100% offset by well-recognized projects that support climate change and social benefits. Helping organizations achieve their carbon emissions goals and neutralizing the impact of production. Steelcase Series 1 Vs Steelcase Amia. Steelcase Amia $999.00. The Steelcase Amia is one of the best value office high-end office chairs on the market offering stellar build quality, ergonomics, comfort, and adjustability. Buy on Amazon 04/19/2023 04:22 pm GMT .

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*-Save 50% on Refurbished Steelcase Chairs:* reviews two of his FAVORITE chairs after nearly a full year after use as h. Steelcase's Amia chair has a simple design. The shape is more traditional, lacking the curve seen in today's luxury office chairs. The backrest is somewhat bent, but it's quite modest and virtually flat. Because it lacks the S shape pattern that most people love these days, the Amia might come off as overly stiff for certain individuals.