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A recessed swim spa installation is an alternative to the traditional in-ground pool. With foam insulation and heating built in, a swim spa can be used any day of the year, no matter the climate. Deb thought she wanted an in-ground pool. However, the couple chose an alternative they could use no matter the weather. Here are our best tips for the perfect swim spa installation. A swim spa can be installed in a deck. If you choose this installation, have a licensed contractor evaluate the deck support. The deck might need to be reinforced to support the weight of the spa. Top 4 Swim Spa Installation Requirements All About the Base

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Install the Inground Swim Spa Now, it's time to install the swim spa! Once the crane has lowered the swim spa into the ground, an electrician can install and connect all power cables. Once the gaps surrounding your swim spa have been filled with excavated earth, you can complete your installation from above. In-Ground Swim Spa Installation Fully in-ground excavation costs can be expensive, but installation is 100% possible and the benefits are worth it. Not only is this one of the most attractive ways to install a swim spa, similar to building a deck around a partially in-ground pool, it provides the easiest access in and out.

The idea of owning an inground swim spa can be very exciting, but it's important to temper that excitement with careful planning. Location. Choosing the ideal location for your swim spa should be one of the first things you do. You'll want to check on any zoning regulations that may apply to swim spas in your community. 1 Swim Spa Installation Ideas 1.1 Double Decker Swim Spa 1.2 Oval Swim Spa with Deck 1.3 Swim Spa with Pergola 1.4 Above Ground Swim Spa 1.5 Classic Swim Spa 1.6 Decorative Swim Spa 1.7 Rocky Swim Spa 1.8 Wood and Concrete Swim Spa 1.9 Swim Spa with Deck 1.10 Two-Tone Woods Accent 1.11 Swim Spa on a Patio 1.12 Fully-Decorated Swim Spa

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A swim spa with a raised base is an amazing swim spa installation when you want to add some appeal to your stand-alone spa instead of just living it plain. You should place the spa on a concrete slab and use wood planks to create steps for the base. Also, if you have enough space, you can add some flowers around the base for extra beauty. 4. Inground installation (outdoor): Above ground installation: New construction: Installation by crane: Professional Pool InstalLS. Hydrotherapy room installation: SwimEx swim spa installation FAQs. What size pit or concrete slab is required? 12' x 20' (3.66 m x 6.1 m) for most models. 18' x 25' (5.49 m x 7.62 m) for the 1000 model.

Inground Spa Installation Process An in-ground spa can also be elevated or raised from the pool level. You can build it while constructing a new pool or add a spa later. Phase 1. Digging. As per the approved design, we dig the site for the spa. Phase 2. Steel Installation. We set up reinforced steel bars or a rebar framework. Phase 3. Wondering how to install a swim spa inground? Learn here what factors are involved in a swim spa installation so that you are prepared. Click to see our in-stock hot tubs, ready for immediate delivery. Open: Mon-Fri: 9-6, Sat: 10-5, Sun: 10-4Call: 586.323.7946 Skip to content Custom Pools Hot Tubs In Stock Hot Tubs Self-Cleaning Hot Tubs

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Once you've excavated the hole into which the swim spa will be placed, you'll need to install a foundation for it to sit on. Reinforced concrete is the preferred material. You'll also need to reinforce the walls of the hole to prevent them from collapsing onto the swim spa's sides. Inground hot tubs and spas add pleasure to your life, benefits to your health, and value to your home. We are continually making them better to satisfy us, to better to satisfy you. Have Questions If you have questions about which spa is right for you please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-515-1747 or send us an email, [email protected].

An inground swim spa installation requires a few different experts who will need to be properly coordinated to ensure efficient and pain-free progress. Take the time to fully envision the entire project before beginning. You may discover some pinch points ahead of time and reduce the possibility of delays in your aim to create a convenient at. The flexibility of our swim spa design enables your swim in place pool to be installed almost anywhere - indoor or outdoor, with inground, above ground, or semi inground installation options. Complement your home with an aquatic oasis in the basement, on the porch, or in an addition such as a solarium or exercise room.

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