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When my oil furnace (forced air, no boiler) is starting up, and I'm sitting or lying on my bed, I smell oil. The smell lasts only 5 or 10 seconds and stops either when or before (not sure) the blower starts circulating air through the house. Now that my computer is in the basement, I spend hours only 25 feet (and around the corner through an open door) from the furnace and I never smell oil. Steps To Take If You Smell Heating Oil. Review the list shared above and use the recommendations given. Replace your HVAC air filter, inspect for cracks in the burner, and scan the floor for oil spills. Shut off your heating system until you determine the issue and address it.

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3. Dusty smell. 4. Furnace smells like burning plastic. 1. Musty furnace smells. Burdun Iliya/Shutterstock. When you start up your furnace in the fall, you may notice that the furnace smells musty. Generally, it means you have some mold growing in your ductwork or on the air conditioning coil mounted above your furnace. 1. The Heating Oil Tank Has Been Recently Refilled. Freshly delivered heating oil commonly results in a noticeable smell for a short period of time. After a couple of days have passed, this odor will have probably dissipated all on its own. Rather than being overpowering, this smell will be faint.

A newly installed furnace may give off an unpleasant smell when you use it for the first time. The smell after you turn on your new furnace is the protective oil coating on your new heat exchanger. It should burn off, and the smell should dissipate within an hour or so. If the smell persists for more than a day, consult your HVAC technician. Oil Spills. If you smell the distinct odor of oil, it means you probably have a spill somewhere. Oil spills are most often found in the basement where the oil furnace is. If you smell fuel odor in your home, check all of the connecting points within your furnace system to see if you can identify where the problem area is.

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Either with a blower-on blower-off draft test over the fire, or with a smoke candle. The draft test is easiest. A good cleaning and combustion setup will take care of 95 out of 100 smell complaints, but don't rule out the other possibilities. Upvote. # 7. The oil burner has a nozzle that sprays oil and then ignites it, creating heat to warm the air. The oil ignition pressurizes the compartment, and if there is a crack in the exchanger it can leak oil fumes out, creating a smell. These cracks can eventually grow larger and ruin the furnace unless they are repaired early.

ALMOST every time my furnace has turned for the last 3 weeks, you can smell the burnt oil smell when the blower kicks in. We had started reno's in the house and we were turning off the digital thermostat during the day. At this time, we had noticed the furnace still kicking in at times. My husband then started turning off the emergency shut off. Step #3. Clean the nozzle on the oil furnace. If that doesn't take care of the problem, note the model number of the nozzle and order a replacement part. Install the new nozzle immediately to eliminate the oil smell. Step #4. Finally, an oil furnace that smells like oil could indicate a dirty oil filter. Use your owner's manual for.

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This strange smell coming from your furnace can happen at any time if there's a loose hose connection on your furnace's drain pan. This furnace smell usually dissipates quickly after turning up the heat. But if it persists, you'll want to contact a heating and cooling professional for HVAC repair in Denver. 6. Furnace Smells Like Car. Other smells that may come from your furnace include an oily smell, rotten eggs, or a moldy/musty smell. If you have an oil furnace, that oily smell could indicate an oil leak, burner issues or even a heat exchanger failure. A rotten egg smell likely indicates a potential gas leak which needs to be addressed immediately.

After spring and summer, homeowners only turn their heating systems back on after outside temperatures fall. The first furnace use of the cold weather season will likey produce a distinct burning oil smell. This is normal. It is fleeting and there's no real need to worry about it. Call Today: (410) 876-6800. An oil smell could be caused by a leak, burner troubles, a heat exchanger failure or exhaust system problems. You should request service as soon as possible to correct this situation. Smoky odors when your furnace is operating. If a fireplace or exhaust fan is running at the same time as your burner, this can result in a smoky odor because a.

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If the smell fades fast, it is usually not a problem. The filter is clogged: In addition to making your system work less efficiently, a clogged filter can also can cause the system to produce a detectable oil smell. Replacing the filter is often enough to fix the issue. There is a leak in the oil tank: If the oil tank has a leak and oil is. Clogged air filter. A clogged filter on the furnace will make the blower motor work a lot harder, which causes overheat and a burning smell. As the blower motor still tries to push the heated air through the clogged filter, it will eventually overheat and cause the burning smell. The clogged filter makes dirt collect on the furnace in more.